Whiner's Corner - Worst vacation getaway ever!

Sorry for the negative vibes but I had post this in the public interest. 

I just got back today Friday 7/6/2012 from what was supposed to be an extended weekend at Cape Lookout where I have had fun in years past on occasion camping.  Having not been there in several years I called the ferry services: that service the Cape Lookout area to ask if they could still run me with my camping gear and kayak, this time instead of windsurfer , over to the federal land cape lookout area. 

All the operators had new owners it seemed and it was difficult to get a yes or no, or any information from any of them.  Finally the Local Yokel folks who answered the phone said yes they could do that for extra bucks for gear etc., which is what I had done before.  I did all of these calls starting a week ahead of July 4th.  The final answer was, come on down and we can fit you in, according to the person who answered the phone.  To the point, I got down there on the 5th because I was told the 4th was kind of booked with regular day trip customers.  Once there I was told "nahh , I can't do that" by the Captain who was running the boat.  I asked if the wind had kicked up too much or whatever reasons and got no real answer. 

All the locals were quick to send me back & forth to different folks who had already said no when I called from Charlotte and also pointed me to restaurants, gift shops pricey camps sites etc. where I could blow money.  I finally stayed at a pretty place on Cedar island with a marsh beside the sound but it was full of mosquitoes of course and not really the kayaking experience I had prepared for.  After the one night I drove straight back to Charlotte- out several hundred dollars and many unnecessary grueling hours on the road thanks to some bad signage and road construction. Vibes were weird, no vendors or employees wanted to give me their name whenever I greeted them etc. and looked at me very strangely when I asked.

I guess I will try to get an email contract before I try to do anything like that again.  Hope everyone has a good 4th weekend I am going to hit the couch and try to simmer down from road rage - I almost pulled in at a store near a military base advertising "dozens of assault rifles, newly arrived" ;-)

::edited in attempt at clarity::

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Comment by Alan White on July 7, 2012 at 6:57am

Yeah, whenever I camp out there I carry assault guns just for the damn mosquitoes!  They are voracious!

Sorry about the vacation. Me, I don't go anywhere during the 4th, and, unless it's a great forecast won't venture out Memorial or Labor Day. Everything's different in The Fall, but you probably know that. Cedar Island can be on one of the best spots ever for NW winds in the Fall.  Don't give up yet.


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