What an awesome trip.We had wind every day.I windsurfed five out of seven with two rest days.Largest sail was a 4.7 and smallest a 4.2.My last day was at the wall.By far the best place for me.The wall is famous for big swell and big wind.It is also the easiest place to sail compared to the Hatchery or Swell city in my opinion since the water is so smooth.We found this small beach to launch from.The car was parked a few feet away.Alan posted a couple of pictures from the wall.The best day for me at the Gorge and happen to be the last one of the trip.BTW it was sunny every day with high in the low 80' On the other hand,I paid today at work as it was the busiest day of the year but I am still smiling.

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Comment by Alan White on August 9, 2011 at 9:41am

Yep, great week again. That first week is a charm. Hope it happens again. Same place, same time. For second week it's going to be tough deciding between Baja and Pistol.


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