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Tuesday-Wednesday, 2-3rd

Okay, time to see who the REALLY dedicated windsurfers are.... Just kidding, but it should be pretty good this afternoon and tomorrow with forecasted 15-25 and higher gusts. Yes, it's going to be chilly, but if there's any consolation, the water is really warm. I'd say in the lower 60's in Blythe Cove.  I'll try to leave work early today. If the gates are closed, the dogs are probably out back. If open, we've put them in the house.

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From Baja....

GReat first day! Head high surf. 4-5 turns    5.5 sail and 90 liters. 

Terrible internet connection. Will try photos tomorrow.



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Saturday-Sunday, 17-18th

The maps are staying surprisingly consistent. I hope they hold. If they do, the weekend should be really nice at the coast for NE winds. If I go, I'll probably head down Friday evening and sail all day Saturday. Doubtful I can stick around Sunday.



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Buy/sell...individuals who have gear to sell or want to buy...

This may be impractical, but let's see if this new blog works.~ Alan

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Commercial promotion

We need to discuss how much commercialism we can allow on this chatboard. In our sport, it seems the shops play a huge part in keep the excitement going. For instance, Mac and Rob's trip to Mexico via Solo Sports is turning into an annual trip for the club, and Andy Mckinney and Charlie at Ride Hatteras both support our groups with discounts. I also have links on the site to shops; however, sooner or later, we'll have to draw a line between… Continue

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