Anybody else thinking tomorrow at Ramsey, early?

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Probably pm for me. Looks like wind is forecast most of the day, but will peak in the afternoon....ahead of any storm. Ramsey will be the spot.

Pretty steep gradient all day, my guess follows Alan's 15-20 in the AM  & about 20-25 PM, with very strong storms about dark, Ramsey Creek "be there or be square". What's your wind wish? I'm think'n mid to late morning for me pobably 10:00 or so. Also keep'n an eye on thur. for strong clearing from west, Monti?

I'm planning to be on the water at Ramsey by 10:00..

Looking like a lot of rain. I hope I'm wrong. Might have been a day for Charleston or Wilmington.

Got meetings all day. Hope ya'll get it good. Let us know how it goes. Looks like some wnw wind on Friday and sw wind on Saturday, although not as windy as today but still more opportunities to hit the water.

Fantastic in the gusts!!  I went out between 1:20-2:40 (had to go back to work). Slammed in the gusts on my 5.2, but just right about 50% of the time. There were some lulls. Great workout and warm up for the season.... The usual crowd there...Jose Palomo, Chuck Anderson, Donald Obst, Raceboard Dude, etc....

Bust down in SNC.  Dome effect in full affect.  

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