Looks like a Bermuda high & a slow approaching low, will put us in a warm S/W flow. Sunny 65 S/W cruz'n low teens on wed. Partly cloudy 72 mid teens gusting to 20's on thurs. Possible storms W/S/W around 20 gusting to 30 on fri.? 

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If the maps stay the same all week as forecasted, I'd bump up Friday. That's a long time off though.

Did you sail yesterday?  Too cold for me....

...and albeit colder, Saturday could be good WNW wind.  One could windsurf 4 days in a row if they wanted to.

I'll probably launch at my house. (after 1:00 PM )


Going to Ramsey Friday am.Forecast looks fair but you never know it may nuke.

 About 9:00 AM, looks like a good chance of heavy weather not too long after noon. I'm with Demetri, gonna load up a small board & head for Ramsey.

That would be the front. No doubt the direction will shift right after it. Come on over to my house if it does. 


Hi Alan,

I haven't sailed in a while because I had shoulder surgery. However, I think I'm ready to sail again. Is the invitation still open for me to join you and the others at your place? if I can get out tomorrow, I'd love to catch some of this north.


I'm so worn out after Friday that I"m going to take it easy Saturday. Besides, the wife has something planned. So, looks like nobody will be here most of Saturday.

Boy, Friday was killer. 4.0 at Ramsey Creek. What an afternoon.. Pictures to follow soon.

Great afternoon Friday!  Wow. I got up there around 1:00 PM in time to see things die down for a while. Around 2:00 it kicked in pretty hard and I rigged from my 5.3 to 4.7. Should've gone to 4.2 because by 2:30 it  nuked. I'm pretty sure there were gusts to 45.  Dimitri said he has never been over powered on his 4.2 and 65 liters at Lake Norman so that's a pretty good sign too. Jack took some pictures. They ought to be spectacular with the smoke blowing downwind of the sailors.

Already whitecapping this morning in front of my house, but my day's planned. Sorry folks, have to leave the dogs in the yard today. 

Totally understand. Sorry I missed the big nuke.
Caught a nice brief sunrise session before work yesterday when it was still blowing only 20-25 out in main channel. I could tell it really picked up later in the day.

I am so worn out! 5.2 most of the day, with a brief session of 4.2 around 3 pm just before the rain.At that time the the lake did turn to liquid smoke.To top off the day we went over to Alan's for some awesome salmon pasta and beers later on.Jen did her  magic again.Windiest day at Ramsey for me.

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