Looks like a Bermuda high & a slow approaching low, will put us in a warm S/W flow. Sunny 65 S/W cruz'n low teens on wed. Partly cloudy 72 mid teens gusting to 20's on thurs. Possible storms W/S/W around 20 gusting to 30 on fri.? 

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windsurfing at 7am in Feb in SW 20-25 wind....unbelievable.  Wish I could have joined you guys at Ramsay but had work and meetings.

I wonder did anyone called the wind meter around 3:30 pm Saturday?What was the highest gust?

Friday's peak gust was around 41 in Charlotte, according to The NWS. Who knows on the water where we were...45+ ?

Saturday would've been sailable at times, but it was really up and down. I came by the house a couple of times and it looked best around 11:00 AM. Maybe it peaked at 25.


Dimitri jibing and heading for Mark Melaragno


Donald Obst

Donald again

Jose and Mark


Mark and Dimitri racing

All these photos courtesy Jack Latham

Photos courtesy Jack Latham

Thanks Jack for taking the pics.  I was so tired.  Great day!

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