Forecast on Weather Channel is 15-25 from the SW.  The maps look good, but with a lot of west and good chance of rain. 50/50.  


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Report from Emerald isle.

Saturday an easy day 5.8 and 115 slalom at the sound.No wind on the beach.Warm up day

Sunday storm aproaching from the south.Sailed at Harkers with 4.2 and 69lt quattro.

Monday.Big day at Atlantic beach.Started with5.2 and a 4.7 later and 76lt quattro.Swell logo to mast high from the storm and side off wind.Sailed for 5+hrs.

Tusday.Too tired but it's  blowing.Back at Atlantic beach with windier conditions but 4-5ft waves

Wednesday.Still blowing but I am taking a break.Tomorow the forecast is 25-35 at Cape lookout.I think some of the Chapel hill guys coming down.


You should get it today, Scott.

  It's about 10:00 AM, looks like a sqwall line about to hit LKN, gonna head out about 11:00 for Ramsey Crk.just hoping the storm doesn't kill it.

heard it was epic all day.  I got chased away by lightning as soon as I got to the sand.  

Lou came down for the day.We went out around 12.He was on 4.7 I was on 4.2.Overpowered in the sound at Harkers,but we made it out to the ocean.It was crazy.I could do my jibes but way too overpowered to ride any waves.Went back and riged 4.1 and 3.7 for the rest of the day.Wind was solid and smooth .Quit around 6pm.

massive t-storm killed it before it could even begin inland fishcamp.

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