S/W flow starting out lite to mod. on Thur low teens,hi temp 70, 20-30% rain. Increasing on Fri. mid to upper teens gusting to mid 20's,hi 73, 20-30% rain again. Sat looks like mod. N/E, hi 50, 50% rain. Thanx to water Island for the heads up!! 

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Ha! Water isnt too bad but cold enough to send a chill through your body without a wetsuit. 3/2 was comfortable today. Got in a lunchtime break sesh. Hard for me to get to Ramsay on a workday. Between 12-12:30 was rock solid fully lit on 5.5... But before and after that it was pretty lully & gusty. Had to get back to work soon after but grateful for the quick and warm sesh.

 Woo-hoo finally some warm Southerlies,6.0 was my call, good most of the time. White knuckled in the gusts, not too much slogg'n til late. Sat. F-cast for Badin N/N/E low to mid teens with gusts to 20's,hi 55 around noon,lite rain ending by 10:00, head'n out 2-D- Lake.

Sat. Am @ Badin pretty solid 6.0 & back to the heavy rubber, first fall was like gett'n hit with wet mop, only lasted from 10:00- 12:30. F-cast for sun. still N/E mid teens, too old & too cold ???

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