Sounds like a great group headed up to Hood River next week!  Sorry more aren't coming. Will post some updates and pics here.


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Perfect 4.2-4.5 mellow afternoon up and down the river. We were at Doug's.

Looks like heat lows are setting up this week. Pistol River trip is out. (although it happened some over the weekend).  Hot here in Hood River....but some sailable wind. Just to lazy to get on it. Probably 5.0 ish at The Hatch. Looks like next chance for some real wind isn't until Wednesday. In the meantime, good hiking up at Wind Mountain. Probably heading to Mt. Hood tomorrow to play in some snow.

It blew some yesterday, despite the forecast. We hiked and tired ourselves out too much to get on it. By "blew", I mean to say...mid 5.0's.  Today might be the same, but we're going to see a concert in Portland (ex Decemberists, now "Black Prarrie" at The Rose Garden. FREE. Tomorrow's forecast is 20-30. Will try to make it a marathon day.

Ok , last photos and I'll quit boring everyone. Here's Dimitri on a powered 3.4 and 72 liters, and Mark on a 3.7

Second week was windy, but when you get used to sub 4.0's, even 4.7's seem like a little light. Mark sailed about 60

5 of the time. I got sick and only sailed a couple of times. Lots of other things to see and hear around Portland...."Black Prarrie for free at The Rose Garden, hiking up Wind Mountain, coastal trip to Astoria....

Rob & I finally made it out there for 4 full days - day 1 no wind so it was hiking Multanomah Falls & Post Canyon mtn biking, day 2 wind showed up & we sailed at Hatchery & Doug's Beach on 4.7s all day. Day 3 morning was light so we drove to Mt Hood & Lost Lake and hiked around a little bit, then sailed at Doug's Beach all afternoon starting on 5.3 then 4.7 again. Day 4 was hoping for SUP downwinder but wind didnt show so we had 2 incredible hikes at Wind Mtn & Falls Creek. Will post some pics & video soon.

Didn't get the epic wind you guys got a few weeks ago but fully powered on 4.7s was a blast. Really liked the Hatchery with the big swells but it was crowded. Really liked Doug's Beach - easier launch with the sand and way less crowded, which is why we returned there the 2nd day. Smaller swell but still fairly good size to have fun in. Wanted to sail other points further east but The Dalles wildfire was blowing smoke in that direction so we didn't journey that far.

You guys must be exhausted! That's a lot of hiking, riding and windsurfing!  Sorry you didn't get to feel the thrill of a 3.0 day there. 

Here are pics from our trip...I may post some video later:

<5 min video from our Gorge trip...enjoy...

Return To The Gorge from WaterTurtle Media on Vimeo.

By the way, catch Rob's forward loop attempt at 2:23...


Very nice!!  I wanna go back

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