Sounds like a great group headed up to Hood River next week!  Sorry more aren't coming. Will post some updates and pics here.


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Please! Rub it in.  Hope you guys score.  

Thanks!  Donald, Mark and I are tentatively planning a coastal trip. Jen's been pushing me to go, but I feel guilty leaving her with Clem. 

Looking forward to the pics & reports Alan. Sorry my IR listing forced me to postpone my time out there with you all. Hope ya'll get it good!

Wow. Two straight days of 4.0 and shoulder high. FANTASTIC day at The Wall yesterday. I'll up load some pics shortly. Exhausted and already looking for a day off.

From Sunday


More of Donald and Mark and Dimitri. Mark's the one jumping.


Nice!!! Looks awesome.  Fun looking swell.  Great Looping potential :).  Nice to see the core crew on the water; sorry to have missed out on that. 

Definitely some magnificent looping going on. Saw the prettiest one ever the other day. Guy hung in the air at about 20 feet up before doing a perfect stalled forward. Incredile. I tried a few back loops. Mark swears he's going for it. Not today though. Transitional day, looks like. Tomorrow's forecast is 30-40.


Down day today. I think Dimitri and Donald sailed the 4.7's this morning at The Hatch, but now has tapered off. New system pushing through tomorrow should bring good winds the rest of the week.  Typical....three-four days on, day or two off.

Time to go hiking now.

Dimitri and Donald did indeed sail their 4.7's on Tuesday, but took yesterday off. Mark and I sailed 4.7's yesterday at The Hatchery. It was kind of cloudy and even dropped some rain.This morning (Thursday) is cleared off as a little front may have pushed through. Expecting big winds today out East so looks like more of The Wall this afternoon.. I'm so out of shape.


This is what 3.0 sailing looks like at Doug's Beach, The Gorge, Oregon. Sailor: Mark Melaragno.

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