Thats what i get for leaving my small sails at the coast. Overpowered 6.5 in the channel (D5 & D7 area) tonight 5:45-7:30pm. White knuckled it. Could have easily been on 5.5. Nice surprise summer lake windsurfing...once in a blue moon.

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Waterturtle.  Moved to Charleston last year from SF Bay Area ... looking to find windsurfing spots.  Seems like everything is kitesurfing here.  I wanted to transition to Superlight boards but worried about shallow sandbars on Sullivan's.  Would like to meet other sailors.  Have any suggestions besides learning to kitesurf?  

Hi William, I spend more time there fall, winter, and spring, but summer afternoons are usually windy....thermal SW winds kick up.  There are 2 Facebook groups you can join for more info.  "Chucktown Wind Report" is mostly kiters but good info there (weather reports, ride guide, launch info, etc).  and "Charleston Windsurfing" Facebook group as well although its not as active but some folks are posting there about when they are windsurfing.

Sullivan's Island is a great place to windsurf in SW or NE wind depending on the tides (outgoing tide with SW wind works best).  Usually best at lower tide there.  And yes, there are shallow sandbars, but at lower tide you can see them.  There are a couple of channels you can sail through to get to the waves.  Station 30 is the best spot to park, rig, and launch.  On a windy day, there are usually a couple of windsurfers out there.  There remains a handful of diehards still windsurfing there. 

Station 19 is good on SW wind day with incoming tide.  Water is flatter there and good slalom sailing.  Longer walk to the beach & launch but fun windsurfing there.

IOP can be good between 3rd and 9th avenue.

Sunrise Park (James Island), also known as Melton Demetre Park, is the best launch for windsurfing in the harbor.  works best in northerly winds, or west wind.

Hope that helps...see you on the water.

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