Thinking of going to Sullivan Island this weekend, any advise about this location. Q: can I use a pointer fin or do I need a weed fin? From the photos I've seen, it looks shallow.

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I happened to windsurf SI today after work for the first time this year. The sandbars have changed from last year...are moving up closer to the beach. I see South winds forecasted for this weekend. SW wind is best, but South winds will work fine. Park and launch ar Station 29 or 30. The kiters launch at Station 28 1/2. Its a big kiting community there...they are friendly, but it can get crowded at Station 28 1/2. There might be a handful of windsurfers.

Most people windsurf/kite there on a lower tide but I think its working there on a higher tide now as well. There are 2 channels running between the sandbars where you can windsurf out past the sandbars into the ocean & waves (was flat today). One channel is right in front of Station 30, the other channel is between Station 29 & Station 28 1/2. Beware at low tide there are shallow areas in those channels but you can see them, just read the water and what its doing. You can also simply walk your rig over tbe sandbars. No weed fins needed unless you want them for shallower draft at low tide. Its a really fun spot with playful waves & ocean swell out past the sandbars. Just beware of the tidal current and sandbars. Enjoy!

Attached is the latest SC "Ride" Guide...this was out together by the local kitesurfing community but also applies to windsurfing.  Sullivans Island is in there. 


"beware of the tidal current"

How can I find out more about this? The first time I got on the water in Charleston Harbour, in a small sailboat,  I learned a lot about tides and river currents as the wind died!  ( I learned to sail in the Southern Caribbean where we had about a 2 inch tide and zero current.

  Tide tables from the almanac are the old fashioned method, I'm sure there are many internet options, probably apps. I prefer marine forecast data, SURFCHEX is a good one. Talk to the locals on the beach, there isn't anything better than local knowledge, if they are all on the water pay attention, if they start bailing, you should to. If none of these options apply it's best to avoid inlets.   

Yep, tons of internet options for the tide schedule. Usually best to windsurf the opposing tide to wind direction. So at Sullivan's Island Station 30 (just south of Breach Inlet) on SW wind, best to windsurf on outgoing tide. Incoming tide in NE wind. But not a hard & fast rule if you're comfortable staying upwind ....and make sure your equipment is in very good condition! Breach Inlet does have very heavy tidal flow so just be aware.

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