Long term maps showing a front coming through Friday night.....

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Could it be another sunrise session on Saturday morning?

Yeah, I was thinking the same. I have an annual shareholders meeting at 10:00, so maybe I can do a dawn if it happens. Say, from 6:30 till 9:00.

Wednesday treat, 6.0(7.5 on the raceboard scale). Thur. look'n good to, forecast W/S/W mid teens gusting to low 20's, 79 & sunny I gotta get going. Friday & Sat. still look interesting.

What's going on with Weather Underground?  Their wind direction forecast has been completely off for the last week or so.

Other sites appear to show the front coming through early Sat am....probably rain/t'storms.....but that could change again I guess.  Still hoping for sunrise sesh on Sat...but if that doesn't happen, Sunday afternoon could be good west wind day.

IHO underground weather sucks.Wind direction and velocity are not their priority.They just over estimate the rain amount.Check accuweather  for better wind forecast.They are correct most of the time on sw/w winds.Watch for Saturday 12 pm on for good wind at Ramsey.

 Look'n like, Sat. Am wind will be mostly overnight, turning west & dropping off by about 8:00 or 9:00, maybe still a dawn patrol?? Thur. started off look'n pretty good but dropped to mostly cruz'n on a 6.8 & the wave noodle, check out the local section of the Charlotte Observer. 

Sailed 5.7 and 75lt.Most of the time NW of Alan's cove and main channel on that side of the lake.Very gusty 5-30 and cold.I should have gone to Monticello.It had too much West .

I thought the direction was fine. Just too damn gusty. I tried for about 30 minutes two different times. Both times sucked. Maybe Monticello was better, but it was weird all over.

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