Arrived at late on Thursday night.Friday morning Lou and Donald left for Ocracoke island.Jose and I decided to go to Cedar Island.Wind was NE at 27-36 mph therefore Cape Cape Lookout was out of reach.The waves at the Cape were big enough to see them from over the island coupled that with side on wind and current created some dangerous conditions.Cedar Island was onshore 4-6 ft.Rigged 4.2 with 69lt  and Jose had 3.7with 75lt.Wind stayed up all day.Saturday we saw 4.7 conditions from the North and smoother waves.We had to leave  for Charlotte around 3:30 pm as the wind became much stronger.Irene sure destroyed this place though.The entire beach was covered with trash, trees, 20-30 ft logs, sinks and  anything else you could imagine.We also saw tree roots floating out on the water.Very very sad picture.I can't imagine how this place can be cleaned.On the way back we went by Sealevel.Very easy to find and even easier to launch from.I could see the inlet and the monster waves breaking on the horizon.I am ready to explore it next time on NE or SW conditions.Overall a great two days but also very sad to see peoples belongings on the street side destroyed form the flood.

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Thanks for the report. Sounds like Donald caught it good too up at Ocracoke.  Mark and I went down to Wilmington. I don't know if it was too offshore or just too light (probably both) but it never happened so we returned Saturday morning. We both had chores, etc.

 Yeah, the devastation out there is a lot worse than the media shows. The media likes to hang out at Cape Hatteras, but all those little towns like Belhaven, Englehart, etc, are a mess. They lost 4 big boats at my marina in Little Washington. I don't know how mine survived given that the pier was totaled and water came up about 8 feet. It flooded a lot of businesses and houses. ~Alan

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