So, we've sold our house at Lake Shore and am moving outside of Davidson. Regretfully, Norman Island launching is no more. If you see any kiterboarders, please pass along the word. In the past year they've been the only ones to use it anyway. I'm not sure they follow this board.


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  Thank you so much for the hospitality & so many memories, sail'n out of your yard.

Thanks, Chuck! It was always my pleasure. I gotta say, I was almost disappointed when Blythe opened up. I should post a couple of old pics when we'd have 15-20 cars parked out here.

  The end of an era, sail'n all day even when you could'nt(warm'n up in the sunroom to welcome you home @ dark) on so many days!!

....speaking's blowing pretty good, albeit gusty. I'd say gusts over 25.(SW)

Still packing and moving today.

Thanks Alan for all the fun times at your Norman island house.Your first house there was like a windsurfing club house with 15+ cars parked all over the place and windsurfing stuff covering the yard.Also sorry for all the problems we caused with the neighbors.Many people here do not know that you even hosted a regional windsurfing race and had many parties not to mentioned Marks party ha!ha!

You enjoyed Mark's party, eh???  :-)

It WAS fun. I'll have to pull out the old videos one day and post some. (no videos of the party ;-)

Many thanks,

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