Forecast looks interesting, sustained in the mid teens with gusts to about 30, hi temp.51 partly cloudy. Monticello looks like about the same wind, with a hi of 58 & maybe a bit more sun. Road trip ? 

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You need a web cam on the dock!

Alan White said:

Been blowing 4.5 for the past 45 minutes. 

Monti report.As expected Monticello delivered again.Five sailors all from Charlotte.Wind started slow 5.2 and cloudy until 1:30.Then clouds cleared and it begun to ramp up .By 2:00 I went down to 4.5 and quattro 69 lt, by 3:30 spray was coming off the waves .By that time Chad ,who was upwind,disappeared.I did one more run but I could not hold the sail anymore .The entire lake had turned to foam.We called emergency which took another 20 min to get to the proper authorities.By now it was getting late and it was blowing in the 40's. He showed up later. His harness strap had broken and end up getting a ride back with a local.A big day there with temps in the 50,s and a very nice water temp.

Sounds good!   Here at Lake Norman it was pretty much 4.7 all afternoon. At the very end it started nuking, and still is at 11:00 PM.  It was one of the smoothest winds I've ever seen for NW.  The water temps seem to be in the upper 50's to lower 60's, but the air was a bit cold. No adventures up here. It was just Raceboard, Tommy Obst and myself. Can't believe Mark and Donald didn't come up.

Some tame video of you, Raceboard:

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