Forecast looks interesting, sustained in the mid teens with gusts to about 30, hi temp.51 partly cloudy. Monticello looks like about the same wind, with a hi of 58 & maybe a bit more sun. Road trip ? 

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Maps look awesome!  I'm sticking around here. Looks like it'll have some north in it as the afternoon wears on. Therefore, I'm going to head over to the hot hole at McGuire if that happens.

Monticello is calling me.Forecast is 19-45 WNW with temps at 58deg.Small shift to NW around 4 pm will bring awesome starboard jumping.Finally some wind.I forgot the color of my sails.

hmmmm... 45???   I may join you.  It's been too long.

So where's the launch for NW on Monticello? Anybody have any idea what the water temp. is there?

I-77 south to exit #34. Go west on highway 34 to highway 321. (That's about 8-12 miles I think) Go north approx one mile and turn left (west) on highway 213. Stay on this all the way to the lake where it intersects highway 215. Go north (right) approx one mile and look for park on left. It's usually a degree or two colder than Lake Norman. With this mild winter, who knows.

 Monticello look'n better all the time, Alan's directions are great if you're coming down 77, Coming from further east I prefer to take  200 S from Monroe & stay on it thru Winnsboro & take a left @ 215 S &a Rt. turn in @ the ball field. Ditto on water temp.

Think I'm going to sail here at my house today. At 7:30 both Monticello and here are 40 degrees. I had been hoping it would be a little warmer down there. Any body is welcome here today.


Guess I'm going to pass on today.  Looks like a 1 1/2 hour drive to Montecello and I Don't think my 4/3 is going to be enough for the wind chill on Norman.

Really? That's all I use. I also have a windbreaker you can pull over. Plus, we have a sun room you can warm up in.

Morning weather check still looks warmer & windier @ Monticello, gett'n ready to head out. Guess I'm crazy have'nt been out of my 3/2 yet, but today may be a drysuit day.

I can probably handle 50's OK. Thanks for the offer Alan but think I'll head south.

Been blowing 4.5 for the past 45 minutes. 

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