Surfer Today picked up my Chesapeake Bay Watertribe story and put it on front page this morning...  Since Raceboard is scared of the dark, I am looking for local partner to sail with in upcoming NCC challenge..…/11782-a-60-mile-windsurfing-ad…

Please no jokes about me putting in my catheter backwards....

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Really fun story to read!  Thanks.  Hopefully, the duck didn't leave behind any eggs!


Nope no eggs,  she now lives atop our Flat Screen TV in the living room... Went to Ramsey yesterday as it was saying 12knts at 4pm, but when I got there, wasn't even 1....


Here is original (longer story) and site with photos... 

Story/Photo Link Site:

Mac, (the one we sailed Drag Race in Charleston last month) are you interested in doing a journey together, contact me?

Tony, awesome...thanks for sharing. Its not shameless promotion when you're sharing an awesome experience with like minded people. There is a big difference in bragging vs sharing keep sharing! Im in awe of these Watertribe events you're doing...Talk about overcoming big challenges. Maybe one day Ill join you if I can get up the gumption. Have fun, good luck, & share the experience with us!

Thanks for the update!

Any other windsurfers participate?

Wind here all week in Ocracoke. I'm so out of shape. Could've been on 6.0 every day this week, but instead just 6.0 one after noon and a way powered 5.0 another. This morning a front came through and it's blowing 20 from the north, but alas time to leave.

No just me... , was real low level participation in general, which was unfortunate, as it was such a beautiful place to sail!  Gonna start training next week for the NCC 100 in November.... May head to Ramsey this afternoon to put put around...

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