Looks like W/S/W early, gradually swing'n around W/N/W late, 15-20 sustained with gusts to the mid 30 or so,sunny with a high of 65.

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  Maybe a Wednesday afternoon session to? Looks like the front is com'n thru early, Accu.W is forecasting S to S/W from 15-20 with gusts in low 30's from abou 1:00pm thru dark & have changed Thursday to S/W 15-20 for most of the day also with gusts in the 30's
Can't make this afternoon but plan to get out early Thurs.  Hopefully before the winds get too strong for my 5.8.
I may make it if the winds show before sunset.
Got customer meetings all day on Thurs....may try to get out there after work until dark.
I'll be there at Ramsey......prob around 2pm or so.
 I sure blew it yesterday, didn't bring small enough stuff. It filled in late & strong. But Dimetre, Jose & Raceboard sure were ROCK'N. Forecast hold'n for today, a strong S/W flow most of the day, looks best between about 11:00 & 4:00. Gotta go load my high wiond tools.
After work I saw that it was switching to WSW, so i opted for the Mooresville side of the lake and was on the water by 5:30 by channel markers D5 & D7. Lo & behold, Raceboard Dude was out there too. I was fully lit on 8.0/135 lt board and still trying to keep up with Raceboard Dude. Hey RD, it was fun but you departed too early....the wind came back up until after sunset. I didn't even notice the sun sets at 6:40 now...bummer!

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