It looks like the pair will start pushing lite S around 10, hi mid 80's, maybe a good cruz'n day. Stronger S on mon. mid teens with gusts to mid 20's, with showers AM & a better chance of storms PM?? Tues looks like a N/E clearing breeze in the mid teens, dropping off in afternoon?? 

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  Front sped up over night, less chance of daytime storms also wind?? Looks like the best bet for me will be Badin in the morning, mid teens thru midday, a bit lighter Wed. AM??? Still wondering where the Southerlies are???? 

 Tues. report Badin, 6.0m & 112ltr solid soul patrol from 9:00 until noon, got suckered into try'n 5.3 just as it started gett'n gusty,  over powered in gusts to nearly dead lulls. Gave it up about 1:00. Wed. F-cast looks similar??  

 F-cast shows remnant Low from Karen may drift back to S & deepen a bit Sun./Mon. providing a lite to mod. N/E flow?? Longer term its look'n like another coastal low may try to set up by next weekend?????

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