Approaching front & offshore H to push a moderate S to S/S/W flow today, low to mid teens, 73 & cloudy. Fri.S/W flow a bit stronger, mid teens with some higher gusts,70 with off & on rain(chance of strong storms seems to be dropping). Back to a N/W flow over the weekend?? 

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  Skunked on Halloween, paddled R/3,R/4,R/5 circuit around Ramsey, never saw much above 5mph, rain to hold off until about noon some storms back in afternoon f-cast, AM 15-20 S/S/W gusts in high 20's, temp 70. Dawn patrol @ Ramsey for me today.

Sorry to hear that. It's been blowing this morning.

  Yep, pretty good Dawn Patrol @ Ramsey from about 8:00 until 10:00 on 6.0 & Techno, rain came in started gett'n puffy & shifty.

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