After last evening's powered up session in Hermine's NE wind, the wind lightened up this morning.  So I took the foil out for its maiden voyage.  It was a North wind and it was either 5 or 15mph....pretty challenging.  I put the foil on my AHD 77 (145lt) and rigged a 6.5 sail (camless freestyle/freeride oriented sail that has a lot of power).  I took the foot straps off so I could have room to move my feet around (this was really helpful as I did do a lot of foot movement).  I was careful in launching in deep water and making sure I didn't get too close to any shallow points on the lake.  And tried to remember to fall away from the board so the foil wouldn't hit me.

I had read a bunch about it and discussed foiling with others who had done it already, so I knew what to expect.  Everything I was told, it happened.  When the board came out of the water, the windward rail would dip....or the nose would take a dive....or the foil would completely fly out of the water, etc.  After 4 crashes, I finally started to get the hang of it and focused on the board/sail control.  Board & sail control seems to be more nuanced vs regular windsurfing.  It took a ton of focus.  After that, I had 4 really good long reaches flying the foil.   

Once I got the hang of it, it was awesome.  I'm totally hooked.  When the board comes out of the water, everything gets real quiet and you're literally flying over the surface of the water.  This will probably be my go to when the wind is under 20mph.   When the wind is closer to a consistent 15mph, I may put the foil on my 112t board.  

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How's jibing on it? 

That will be a whole 'nuther learning curve. I was jibing amd tacking with the board in the water on Sat...never had the board up to speed when doing either. I can tell that it will take a lot of practice to jibe while flying the foil. Ive seen video of it so its definitley possible...just need to continue to work on the right balance point when flying the foil & jibing with really good footwork.

I've also seen clips where some of the young kids are pumping their way on to a plane without paddles or sails. Is that  feasible?

Alan,  You must be talking about Kai Lenny on a surfboard foil.  He apparently did show in a video that it was possible to prone paddle into a wave, stand up, and ride the wave foiling, then kicking out and pumping it back out to the line-up and catching a 2nd wave.  that was pretty amazing.  You have to remember that Kai is a world class athlete and he was really pumping that board hard with his body/legs....not many of us can do what he does.  That being said, I think its the tip of iceberg as far as what's possible.  Should be fun to watch what lies ahead.  I think foil surfing will be really good for offshore reefs/breaks where there is a nice slow rolling wave that isn't breaking into a crunching tube.

Did you see the video of Alex Aguera, Zane Schweitzer, and some other young guns paddle downwinding the Columbia River on foil surfboards?  Pretty amazing stuff.  They were catching waves from Swell City all the way to the Event Site with maybe 1 or 2 paddle strokes.  

I had my foil out again last night in S/SW 5-15mph wind (wind came up nicely around 6pm until sunset) - had very long reaches flying the foil across the channel....and maintaining a level fluid ride out of the water.  no video or pics yet....maybe soon.

Alan White said:

I've also seen clips where some of the young kids are pumping their way on to a plane without paddles or sails. Is that  feasible?

Yes, exactly. Pretty amazing, although you mention doing it around a reef. I dunno.... some of those reefs are awfully shallow. Would hate to snag one with that foil. When it comes up on a plane I'm guess it draws about a foot. Does that seem right?

Looking forward to a video for sure!

Check out Kai Lenny's latest video ocean foil surfing on a short board from prone paddle position. He makes it look easy but it's much harder than it looks.

 I saw Kai's latest foil video, I think it was wed.Yep he makes it look like anyone who can prone paddle into a wave could be be able to go as long as they want. Don't think there's that much pump'n in these old legs, not to mention the balance it must take?

Dude, sorry coming to seeing this so later... Next time you are heading out, could you let me know, would love to watch... Been thinking bout getting one.... 

More detailed blog post on windsurf foiling here:

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