Thanks All for your very Kind & VERY VERY Appreciated Support (ESPECIALLY THE ONE & ONLY RACEBOARD DUDE JEFF OLSE)! 

Attached is my Race report and the link below has photos and videos.  I really, really appreciate your support and prayers and only wish I had could post better results suitable to all I  have received from you all!

With much thanks and appreciation…  Thank you,

Tony (aka Bermudaboy, Loser/Quitter/DNFer/Sissie)

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Tony, great should write a condensed version for Windsurfing Now or other windsurfing magazine....either about this last adventure or an article about these long distance windsurfing adventures in general. Im sure the DNF bothered you but at least you showed up and competed. Great job and congrats!

Thanks!, Are well all doing Fort to Battery coming up soon????

I want to do F2B again and redeem myself from last year....but my son has bball tourney that weekend and I already hage plans the following 2 weekends. Very tough to get away 3 weekends in a row.

Not sure if I can make it either... Work schedule and biz trips from here till ever...  Good  News, my Exocet Elite Raceboard 380 2106 supposed to arrive in container to US somewhere April 3rd, and hopefully shortly after that it gets shipped here... Yee Haw!    Really wanna do it F2B again, or at least go down and drink lots of Palmetto Brewery Beer!  What bout you Raceboard Dude...

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