Short Summary Results:  ( story link here:


Third Overall


First Place in Sailing Class Division 4


Fastest Total “Time on Water”: 21 hours & 50 minutes with overnight stay time at CP 1 excluded!


First Day Track Oct 16th:          70.5 Stat Miles 07:00 to 22:30pm: 15hrs & 30 minutes

                                                Max Speed 22mph (19knots), Average Moving: 5mph


Second Day Track 17th:                        33.5 Stat Miles 07:23 to 13:43pm to finish 6 hrs. & 20 minutes

Max Speed 21mph (18knots), Average Moving: 6 mph


Total Distance over Water:        104 Stat Miles (90.5nm)

                                                     (Exact Time & Data from my own Etrex 20 GPS)




Thursday afternoon,  I finished preparations and based on the NOAA wind forecasts decided to go with my 9.5m2 Severne Raceboard Sail, which has a generous draft, and  is very powerful and fast in winds under 15knots. It is heavier, more easily overpowered, and generally a more uncomfortable sail to work with than my Maui Titan, but it is a tugboat of power in the low wind range.  I knew that should the forecast be wrong, and it if blew over 25knots  for more than a 3-4hr period,  that I had to be mentally prepared to reef by surgically removing the top two panels of the sail with my jacket knife or wait it out till the winds relaxed.  After tuning up the rig, I sailed about halfway across the Neuse and back and everything felt perfect. This solidified my intent to go with the Raceboard Sail USA-1.  Then off to Burger King & Walmart…..


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